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Vertretungsberechtigte Geschäftsführer: Damien Malva und Leon Schumm



Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to ease-experience.com and our mobile applications (hereafter “service”). This page (together with the documents mentioned) describes the terms and conditions.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any meals from our service. By using our service and placing an order you agree on these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions please contact damien@ease-experience.com before you place an order.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions in full please do not use our service.

I. Who are we ?

ease-experience.com and « ease » app are operated by ease Experience (hereafter “we”, “us” or “ease”), incorporated and registered in France, which registered office is at 39, Rue Pierre Timbaud, 92230 Gennevilliers, FRANCE. Our company’s registration number is 824 153 860.

ease enables users to find independent venues in nearby areas (our “ease partners”), placing orders, paying bills and rating ease partners.

ease is a marketplace that connects our users with our partners and enables them to order, pay and rate. Each meal is prepared by ease partners.

For further questions, you may contact us at : damien@ease-experience.com.

Professional Civil Liability :

Assureur responsabilité civile professionnelle : Generali, Marc Faidherbe, 37 Boulevard Henry IV, 75004 – Montant du plafond garanti, 8 millions d’euros tous dommages confondus.

II. Participant 

II.I. ease is recognized as a marketplace that enables connecting ease users with ease partners.

II.II. ease partners are recognized as all legal entities that are bound to ease by our contract. They are responsible for the accuracy of all data and goods exchanged through the platform.

II.III. ease users are people who have created an account in order to use the service.

All participants must immediately notify ease about any changes regarding any requested information. participants are directly liable for any failure on their obligation.

If any false information has been provided during the registration or if a participant fails to notify a change, ease may suspend or delete the respective account with immediate effect and without any notice.

III. Obligation

ease partners and ease users commit to accept and respect all rules stipulated on these terms and conditions during registration and for any use of our services on the platform.


ease partners and ease users are solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of their passwords. Disclosure to third parties is not permitted. Passwords enables to access the marketplace and its services.

Passwords enable ease partners to manage their business, update information, update their menu, apply discounts and process any activity related to the service.

Passwords enable ease users to authenticate and get full access to their profile information. As long as ease users are authenticated, they are able to use the service.

ease partners and ease users are solely responsible for all acts performed on behalf of their names. If unauthorized users have access to the participant’s password, ease partners and ease users must change passwords immediately.


ease partners and ease users are solely responsible to provide accurate information and are liable for any errors, omissions and/or failure.

ease partners must provide accurate information such as :

¥ Legal Company Information.

¥ Fiscal Company Information.

¥ The exhaustive list of ingredients for each dish.

¥ Specify ALL ALLERGENS of each dish.

¥ Provide the correct information.

ease users must provide correct information such as :

¥ Their full name.

¥ Their correct contact details.

¥ A valid credit card on their name.

In order to process orders each ease user must have verified their account with their email address. In addition, if they want to participate in selective campaigns from us or ease partners, they must verify their account with a valid phone number in addition to their email.


ease does not prepare any food and does not decide which ingredients are part of any meal. All information is provided by ease partners. ease is not liable for any error, omission and/or failure made by ease partners.

ease partners and ease users are obliged to check if the prepared dishes fulfil their health requirements and that they do not put their health in danger.

IV. Conflict

Since ease is neither the seller nor the buyer of the services and products, ease is not involved in the execution of contracts between ease partners and ease users on the marketplace. Therefore, we are not obliged to interact in any disputes between the participants. We recommend our participants to cooperate in the event of a conflict and to seek a suitable solution. However, if no solution is found, a request can be opened to EASE RESOLUTION CENTER as an arbitration.

V. Data Collection & Protection 

ease partners and ease users have been explicitly informed by ease about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection, processing and use of their personal data required for registration and collected throughout the use of the service (See our « Privacy policy »).  ease partners and ease users expressively accept this collection, processing and use of personal data.

ease partners are not authorized to use data related to other participants unless otherwise permitted by ease users, apart from information required to fulfil their obligations.

More precisely, it is forbidden to use this information for advertising purposes, for unsolicited e-mails, except with the prior agreement of the recipient of the e-mails, or for other unwanted contact or illicit purposes.

ease partners, when integrating into ease platform, give the right to disclose their information.

ease reserves the right to communicate with you to inform you about products, services and any offers from ease partners and ease users.

VI. Prohibited Article 

ease expressively prohibits any offers, services or products that are illegal or against common morality. These apply in the respective country where the final service is realised and consumed. The following articles, quoted as examples, should not be sold there:

¥ Illegal and prohibited food and drinks.

¥ Live animals.

¥ Weapons, fire guns, ammunition and their components

¥ Stolen goods

¥ Drugs of all types

¥ …

Some conditions may change according to local provisions where the service is taking place. According with applicable laws, ease declines all responsibility until we have been notified of the unlawful content made available on the platform. We cannot confirm the accuracy of the products sold and their characteristics.

VII. Disclosure of Informations

ease is a marketplace that connects ease partners and ease users. Each service and product sold on our platform has to respect our current Terms and Conditions as well as any Legal Provisions applicable.

ease has the right, in case of any suspicious activity, to communicate data of any participant concerned (e.g. contacts, IP address and information on its consultation of the service and published contents…) to any other party or legal authority.


ease has the same rights in the case of incorrect offers, inaccurate descriptions, inaccurate classification of an article or any offer which cannot be proposed according to our current Terms and Conditions, or any activity that is perceived as a suspicious or abusive use of the marketplace platform.

VIII. Immediate Exclusion

Violation of any article referred to in this document and any referred document, as well as non-compliance regarding local legislation, provides the right of deleting and / or excluding contents, and / or respective accounts immediately and without notice, to modify the contents and to take other measures to enforce compliance.

These measures can be a warning and/or banishment of the account for an defined period of time, or a total banishment of the account.

IX. Rating System

Rating is an essential feature of the platform. Any ease partner has expressively authorized us to provide them with a rating.

ease users are able to provide a rating through a stars rating system : 1 (really bad), 2 (Bad), 3 (Average), 4 (Good), 5 (Awesome). ease might ask for further specification if ratings are provided below or equal to 3 stars.

Participants who intend to communicate fake, offensive, defamatory, anti-competitive, objectionable or generally illicit contents or ratings may be immediately excluded from the platform.

X. Purpose

The purpose of our service is to provide ease users a convenient platform they can use to find, order, pay and rate our ease partners.

The contract binds ease users and ease partners. ease is the intermediary in the execution of the contract, and we market meals, foods, drinks…, conclude the orders and process the payments on behalf of ease partners.

XI. Service Availability

Our expansion strategy is focused on increasing and creating a diverse range of services and participants.

The service is always accessible apart from technical maintenance or difficulties, or any situation against our will. However, each ease partner established their opening hours, availability and offers.

XII. XII.Orders

Each order is confirmed by the respective ease user. Before sending the order to the respective ease partner, each ease user will be able to check and confirm the following:

¥ Quantities

¥ Prices

¥ The total price

¥ Name of the article

By placing the order, ease users commit themselves to fully pay the respective amount. An authorization will be requested for each order. This way, the total outstanding amount will be either captured by the end of the service session (i.e. completing the checkout process) or by the respective ease partner at any time without further authorising permission. The payment is processed by our financial partner.

Any order placed is considered as final and irrevocable. As food and drinks are perishable, you expressively agree on waiving your right of withdrawal.

If your bank does not authorize the transaction, no services will be provided. If by any technical mistake, the service is provided without authorisation from the bank, ease users still have to pay their outstanding bills regardless of payment form. Each outstanding bill must be paid within five working days, or a penalty of two (2) EUR per day may be applied.

By creating an account and placing an order, you expressively agree on our Terms of Use.

All orders realized through the mobile app will generate a bill within your profile. You will be able to access, review and export these receipts.

Please let us know if you have any comments, complaints or thoughts regarding the quality and reliability of ease partners.

XIII. Products : Meals, Food & Beverage

Every product, meal, and beverage are offered by ease Partners. They established a full listing of ingredients for each product in order to inform ease users regarding any allergens that may be present in the products.

All products are subject to availability, stock and its feasibility. ease partner may offer an alternative for any products they cannot provide you with.

Our ease partner may use allergens in the preparation of certain meals and dishes. Please, in case of any doubt, ask directly our ease partner prior to ordering.

Unfortunately, ease cannot guarantee that any of the Meals sold by ease partner are free of allergens. We expressively ask them to inform us of all allergens and ingredients. However, in case of any faults on their obligation, we cannot be responsible for them. Each ease partner engages its own liability.

XIV. Sale of Alcohol

XIV.I – Alcoholic beverages may only be sold to persons over 18 years old. We operate the 25 years old policy where customers who are lucky enough to look under 25 years old will be asked to provide a valid identification document. ease also reserves the right to  ease Partners to refuse, without any legal reason, to deliver any alcohol to any person who is under 18, is or appears to be, under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. By placing an order that contains alcohol, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. Violation of this article involves your exclusive personal liability.

XIV.II – Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. It should be consumed and appreciated with moderation. By placing your order you have accepted and commit yourself to the payment. Apart from wine which, if it was ordered while « eating in », is approved only after the tasting from the user.

XV. Cancellation

You have the right to cancel an order within a reasonable time and before the order becomes a « Started Order ». ease user can directly ask the ease partner and its team to cancel or make a change.

ease partner will classify (a “Started Order ») after the order has been printed and started by ease partner. Every change might be done before the order has been classified as a Started Order and you won’t be charged in case of a cancellation before the order has started.

However, as soon as the order is a Started order, no cancellation is possible and the amount will be charged to you. In order to make it as fair as possible, the time and date printed on the ticket will be used to assert if the order has been launched or not.

You do not have a right of withdrawal according to the perishenables ingredients used for the orders.

For every complaints and refund, please see XVII. Complaint and Refund

XVI. .Price and Payment

All prices will be listed on our marketplace and will include VAT. They are all set by our ease partner and may vary or change according toothier decision at any time. However, this will not impact your orders, the price used will be the one that has been shown to you when you placed your order and confirmed it. The prices will be on your bill. In case of an obvious mistake, ease users and ease Partners will be notified as soon as possible regarding the issue.

Apart from a mistake or commercial purposes, the price you agreed on will not vary.

ease partners set their prices. Placing an order establishes a unilateral contract that bound ease users and ease Partners to each other. Prices are validated by ease partners while adding/editing their menu and ease users agree on it while ordering.

Despite all our efforts, some products may be incorrectly priced by ease partner. In case of a conflict where you can’t find a solution, the « ease Resolution Center » may be used as arbitration.

Payment will be realized through our Financial Partner that have securely saved your credit/debit cards information. For every order we will ask an authorization from your bank to check if you have sufficient funds. In case of any failure to pay, every outstanding bills will have to be paid within one (1) week or a penalty of two (2) euro per day of delay may apply.

ease partners have agreed that ease will proceed the payment on their behalf. You do not have to pay such price to ease partners.

If you have not selected a specific payment method, we will use the one set as default into your preferences.

XVII. Complaint and Refund

The participants have been informed via the application and our terms and conditions about their right of withdrawal. According to the legislation in force, no cancellation is possible once the order has been accepted by the ease partner as they contain perishables components.

However, if a refund must be made, we inform ease users that the check-out must not have started in order to enable ease partners to proceed to a refund on your open bill.

If the process has been started, the bill will be closed and the transaction will be completed.  A request can be made to our resolution service. After reviewing it, a decision will be taken and the ease user and ease partner will be informed.

XVIII. Vouchers & Discount

Vouchers and discounts can be use by all verified users with a valid phone number. Vouchers and discount are not transferable, cannot be exchanged with cash and have no real monetary value. The voucher will be fully used even if its amount is higher than the bill. The user will not have any negative bill, charge back or remaining credits even if the voucher is higher than the bill. Only one voucher can be used per bill. You can not cumulate vouchers.

Unless otherwise stated, all discounts, vouchers or codes must be redeemed within one calendar month. All promotional validity dates are specified on the adverts, coupons or leaflets, please refer to the summary terms on these pieces of artwork for exact and further information specific to that promotion and its promotional period.

Cancelled orders will invalidate the use of that code on an account. If this is a new customer discount or code, new customers will then not be eligible for any subsequent new customer discounts, vouchers or codes.

Any attempt to manipulate the system and use of discounts, vouchers or codes by use of bulk entry via third parties or syndicates, macros, ‘script’, ‘brute force’, masking identity by manipulating IP addresses, using identities other than their own or any other automated means (including systems which can be programmed to enter), will render the order and use of that discount, voucher or code invalid and may potentially lead to that account being closed down.

If for any reason a discount, voucher or code becomes invalid due to technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the ease, or a meal or restaurant becomes unavailable, ease reserves the right (subject to any written directions given under applicable law) to cancel, suspend or modify the campaign that is related to that discount, voucher or code and not re-issue any additional discounts, vouchers or codes to affected customers.

ease reserves the right, where necessary, to undertake all such action as is reasonable to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid redemptions including, without limitation, to require further verification as to the identity, age, and other relevant details of a customer.

By redeeming the discount, voucher or code, customers agree to release ease from any liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the campaign or with the acceptance or possession of any order (except death or personal injury caused by the Promoter’s negligence, for fraud, or otherwise as prohibited by law).

XIX. Our liability

To the extent permitted by law, ease provides its Service and its content “as is” and “subject to availability ».

In accordance with the provisions below, neither ease nor any ease partner shall have any liability to you with respect to direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise arising from your use of or your inability to use our Service. If ease or ease partner is liable to you, our total accumulated liability is limited to the purchase price of your order that you have paid. This does not include and does not in any way limit the liability of ease or any ease partner on any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude or exclude or attempt to exclude our or its liability , In particular, liability for death or personal injury due to negligence or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

The contract of sale is concluded between ease users and ease Partners. easePartner that you choose is an independent, separate from our company and over whom we have no control. Consequently, outside the strict legal conditions, our liability can not be incurred in this respect.

The partner institution, seller, is held responsible for the defects in conformity of the goods with the contract and defects of the thing sold in case of hidden defects. And the legal guarantee of conformity.

In fact, the participants undertake to exempt ease from any liability in the event of disputes, prejudice and damages

XX. Event outside of our control

No party shall be liable to the other for any delay or non-performance of its obligations under this Agreement arising from any cause beyond its control including, without limitation, any of the following: act of God, governmental act, war, fire, flood, explosion or civil commotion. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in clause XIX shall excuse the Customer from any payment obligations under this Agreement.

XXI. Waiver

Neither ease Users, ease nor the ease Partners shall be responsible to the others for any delay or non-performance of its obligations under this agreement arising from any cause beyond its control including, without limitation, any of the following: act of God, governmental act, war, fire, flood, explosion or civil commotion.

XXII. Severability

If any provision of this agreement is judged to be illegal or unenforceable, the continuation in full force and effect of the remainder of the provisions shall not be prejudiced.

XXIII. Entire Agreement

These terms contain the whole agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter and supersede all prior agreements, arrangements and understandings between the parties relating to that subject matter.

XXIV. Our right to vary these Terms and Conditions

ease may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are binding on you.

XXV. .Law and Jurisdiction

The French courts will have jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, any use of our Services. These terms of use and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of France and Over-seas Territory





Privacy Policy

Ease Experience (hereinafter « ease », « we », « us » or « our ») is committed to protect the privacy of our Users and Partners though our websites and applications (hereinafter, « Website », « Application », « Service » or « Platform »)

Please read these conditions carefully which explains how we use and protect your information. By visiting and/or ordering services on our websites, you  expressively agree about the collection, transmission, use, storage and transfer of your information as set out in this policy.

If you have any questions relating to these policy please contact damien@ease-experience.com before you place an order.

Please, keep in mind that our policy apply to all companies, services, application or affiliated company under « Ease Experience ». If you do not accept fully accept these policy please do not use our Service.


For using our service you will be asked to set up a profile where you will provide information about yourself including your name, contact, details, payment information such as credit or debit card, allergens information, cook and spiciness preferences.

All this information are used for the proper functioning of the platform in order to deliver a premium services and enhance your experience.

We may also collect information about your usage of our platforms and about your orders (drinks, food, tips, payment method…)

This data collection apply whatever the platform and devices you are using. We may collect technical data from your mobile device or your use of our services through a mobile device, for example, location data and certain characteristics of, and performance data about your device, carrier/operating system including device and connection type, IP address, mobile payment methods, interaction with other retail technology such as use of NFC Tags, QR Codes or use of mobile vouchers.

Unless you have elected to remain anonymous through your device and/or platform settings, this information may be collected and use by us automatically if you use the service through your mobile device(s) via any Ease mobile application, through your mobile’s browser or otherwise.


Personal Information. When you register for, browse and use our services, you may provide to ease what is generally called “personally identifiable information” or “personal data” (such as your full name, email address, a photograph of yourself and your phone number) that can be used to identify you. At ease, we call this data “Personal Information”.

Information from Integrated Services. If you decide to register through or otherwise grant access to a third-party social networking or integrated service (what we call an “Integrated Service”), such as Facebook Connect or Google, ease may also collect Personal Information that is already associated with your Integrated Service account. You may also have the option of sharing additional information with ease through an Integrated Service. If you choose to provide such information, during registration or otherwise, you are giving ease the permission to use, share, and store it in a manner consistent with this Privacy Notice.

Information about your use of our Services. We may collect usage information about your use of certain features on our Services. This enables us to better tailor venues and meals that are most appropriate for you.

Location Information. We may collect and use information about your location using the associated data from your phone.

Information from Other Sources. In certain situations, we may obtain information, including Personal Information, from third parties or sources other than our Properties. For example, if you pay through ease via PayPal, we may obtain your name and mailing address. If we combine or associate information from other sources with Personal Information that we collect through our Properties, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Notice.


We are trying to bring an unique experience for all our users. We strive to create an attractive and personalized user experience. We take advantage of all the information at our disposal to provide our Services and maintain their quality. Here’s how:

Provide, Improve, Develop our Service. The data you provided such as your name, email, phone, allergies and credit card information will be saved safely, used and shared when necessary with third parties. It is important for us that your privacy is safely guarded, for example, Venues Partners will never held your contact details except if you or the Venue open a complaint. Some of your information will be exchange with our Venues Partners to enable them to prepare your Meals. We also collect data regarding how you use our Services, your preferences, your orders, to rate venues etc… We will use and analyse all these data collected so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our business, for any other purpose whether statistical or analytical and to help us prevent fraud.

Bill and communicate. Your informations will be use to bill you. For your safety, your agreed that all your Financial Informations will be safely saved with our Financial Partner. You agree that we may use your personal information to let you know about promotional offers, special deals, our services and products  and that you might be subject of direct marketing and we may contact you by post, telephone, mobile messaging, emails and push-up notifications. We may use your information to contact you for your views on our services and to notify you occasionally about important changes or developments to the Website or our services. Where you have indicated accordingly, you agree that we may also share information with third parties (including those in the food, drink, leisure, marketing, health, insurance, financial and advertising sectors) to use your information in order to let you know about goods and services which may be of interest to you (by post, telephone, mobile messaging (e.g. SMS, MMS etc.) and/or e-mail) and to help us analyse the information we collect so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our business and services to you. Please note that by submitting comments and feedback regarding ease and its platforms, you consent to us to use such comments and feedback on our platforms and in any marketing or advertising materials. We will only identify you for this purpose by your first name, the Venue Partner you placed the order and its city.

Respect of each other and security. Security is highly important for us. We the right, in case of any suspicious activities, to communicate datas of any Participant concerned (eg contacts, IP address and information on its consultation of the site and published contents…) to any other party or legal authorities.

You have the full ability to express your preferences around the use of your Data as set out this privacy policy. In order to express any thoughts or if you don’t want us to  use this data in that sense please contact us to damien@ease-experience.com.


The information you provide to us will be transferred to and stored on our serves provided by Google and all its affiliated services.  All payment informations is handle by our Payment Partner. By creating an account, you expressively agreed on this policy and our Term of Use.

Community. A community of ease users is in place. Accordingly to your preferences, some of your informations may be available. You agree that some people might join « Open Party ».

Venues. We provide the necessary information to any Venues Partners with whom you have placed an order. You agree that your data will be store, transfer and process to make our service properly work.

Third parties. Selected third parties, including marketing, advertising and statistical companies, our affiliates and associates, may contact you occasionally about services that may be of interest to you (telephone, SMS as well as by e-mail). If you change your mind about being contacted by these companies in the future, please let us know by using the contact details set out below and/or by amending your profile accordingly.

Ease is a French registered company that acts in the whole world. All data collected within a country of the EEA (European Economic Area) may be exchange with any other countries that belongs to EEA.

If our business enters into a joint venture with, purchases or is sold to or merged with another business entity, your information may be disclosed or transferred to the target company, our new business partners or owners or their advisors.

We may use the information that you provide to us if we are under a duty to disclose or share your information in order to comply with (and/or where we believe we are under a duty to comply with) any legal obligation; or in order to enforce our Website Terms and any other agreement; or to protect the rights of Ease, Venues Partners or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and other organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and prevention.


We take steps to protect your information from unauthorized access and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. Your informations will be kept until you expressively ask us to delete it. Unless we receive a deletion request, we will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as is reasonably useful for operational purposes. The fact to delete your profile does not involve that we erase your informations, this can only be done by mail send to damien@ease-experience.com.

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will take steps to protect your information, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the Website; any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorized access.


You have the right to see the information we hold about you and to ask us to make any changes to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. If you wish to do this, please contact us using the contact details set out below. In the event that you make an Access Request, we reserve the right to charge a fee of ten euros (10.00€) to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you.


Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted to the Website and, where appropriate, through e-mail notification.


All comments, queries and requests relating to our use of your information are welcomed and should be addressed to Ease Experience, 39 Rue Pierre TIMBAUD, 92230 GENNEVILLIERS, damien@ease-experience.com